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Family Therapy

Hope Springs Behavioral Health provides a broad range of psychiatric services to individuals, couples, and families of those who struggle with mental health or substance abuse issues. Our family therapy sessions allow families to come together in neutral territory to discuss their differences, concerns, and most importantly, their feelings. Our licensed psychiatrists will work closely with your family during counseling sessions to help ease tensions and start an open dialogue. This important step will allow your family to talk about obstacles and create plans to overcome them — as a team.

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Family Therapy Session completed in Lansdale, PA


A family member was seeking a program/counselor and after meeting with several places we found Hope Springs. I cannot say enough about the staff. Blair and Rob were excellent in making you feel comfortable and very responsive in answering any questions. I would definitely recommend to anyone in need.

Kelly Byrne

Group Therapy

At Hope Springs Behavioral Health, we offer support group therapy for our patients to provide them with the opportunity to participate and interact with other patients facing similar challenges and situations regarding mental health and substance abuse. Although some clients might feel intimidated to share their stories with strangers at first, research studies show that group therapy can be just as powerful and beneficial as individual therapy. In fact, many patients are surprised at how rewarding group psychotherapy can be.

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group counseling therapy in session in Willow Grove, PA


The Staff and therapists at Hope Springs are exceptional. The concept of IOP seems a little daunting at first but soon, 6 hours of therapy a week becomes welcoming. Everyone is open and the feedback while challenging is really well intended and needed. The only negative about this program is that insurance stops and I am not welcoming the transition to non groups and short therapy sessions elsewhere. Kudos to Caroline, Rob, Christina, Robin and Josiah. These were the folks with whom I had the most interactions

Michael K

Individual Therapy

We provide patients with the support they need to recover from mental health and/or substance abuse disorders. Individual therapy sessions can have an enormous impact on the trajectory of one’s life, especially when reinforced by other psychiatric services. Our certified counselors can help you overcome alcohol or substance abuse, eating disorders, PTSD, and all other kinds of trauma and mental health issues. When a new patient comes through our doors, the first priority is finding the right treatment program, which may include a wide variety of services and treatments.

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one-on-one therapy session for substance abuse in Levittown, PA


Truly blessed by the care and compassion of these therapists and awesome docs! My therapist, Blair, was literally my rock who empowered me to challenge myself everyday and it paid off. I have not had an episode (depression) for the first time in 4 months as opposed to every 3-4 weeks. I am not afraid to share this with anyone who needs help!

Mike Trout

Psychiatric Services

When a new patient arrives at Hope Springs Behavioral Health Center, our experienced mental health therapists conduct a thorough psychiatric evaluation to determine the best path to recovery. A personalized treatment plan will be recommended based on the findings of each patient’s psychiatric assessment. Depending on various factors, a patient’s treatment plan may include at least one of the following outpatient psychiatric services:

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Psychiatrist performing an evaluation in Newtown, PA


I’ve been coming here on and off for about 4 years; I’ve seen Blair as an individual therapist for the entire time and Kristina as my group lead for the last couple of months. Both of them are tremendous and always willing to help! They’re extremely understanding about scheduling and do their best to accommodate. Couldn’t recommend this place enough!

Tara Cain