Intensive Outpatient Program

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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) At Hope Springs Behavioral Health

Hope Springs Behavioral Health (HSBH) offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) to individuals ages 13 and older. Our program provides adolescents ages 13-17 with a program tailored to their age group and an adult track for clients ages 18+. Each client is assigned an individual therapist, who will follow them through the program. 

The program involves clients attending individual sessions and group therapy. Clients are offered a variety of groups to choose from that address several different mental health-related topics. Some examples include Skills-based, Working through Trauma, Relationships, Communication, Activity, Topics, etc. Psychiatric services are included in the IOP program, which provides clients with psychiatric evaluation and medication management. 

Many aspects of our program set us apart from other facilities. Specifically, we offer medication management for up to 1 year as opposed to other IOP’s that discharge clients when the IOP is completed. Realistic outcomes are produced because HSBH understands that their clients are not just that, but also parents, students, employees, caretakers, etc. We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to seek and follow through with treatment, thus understanding success for each client looks different. With that said, the IOP is incredibly flexible with scheduling and provides morning, afternoon, and evening appointments. Telehealth appointments are available, as well, for those interested.  

HSBH understands the difficulties that come with finding aftercare treatment; therefore, clients’ access to the psychiatrist for up to 1 year (as long as they are successfully discharged from IOP) provides a realistic period for them to find another provider.  At the end of the day, Hope Springs Behavioral Health recognizes its clients as individuals and provides options to make treatment possible for everyone.

Q: What is IOP at Hope Springs Behavioral Health?

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), also known as intensive outpatient treatment. IOP is a structured non-residential psychological treatment program that addresses mental health disorders and substance use disorders (SUDs) through a combination of group-based psychotherapy, individual psychotherapy, family counseling, educational groups, and strategies for encouraging motivation and engagement in treatment.

Q: How long is the IOP program?

The program is approximately thirty sessions consisting of groups and individuals. The duration of IOP can be dependent on the client and their unique situation. The primary counselor can discuss the treatment duration.   Our clients are required to attend three times per week.

Q: How does family therapy work?

Family therapy varies from case to case. Family involvement is 

highly recommended, and more information can be provided by the primary counselor. 

Q: What can a client expect at their intake appointment? Or the first IOP appointment?

Clients can expect to be in the office for an hour and a half (including paperwork) for their intake appointment. They will meet with one of our clinicians to determine if IOP is appropriate or determine the appropriate level of care. This visit will consist of a risk assessment, biopsychosocial which is the collection of history, family, job/school, legal, social, medical, and current issues.  After the intake appointment and upon entering the IOP program, a client’s first appointment will either be a group or individual session. Group sessions are 2.5 hours and individuals can be 1 hour or 2 hours (depending on the insurance plan). Clients are assigned an individual therapist that remains the same throughout the program. 

Q: What does a treatment team look like to Hope Springs Behavioral Health?

A treatment team typically consists of the client, their family, friends (if positive support) outside providers, and the staff at Hope Springs Behavioral Health. If the client is a student, we highly encourage school involvement. It is important to us that clients develop a strong treatment team to ensure their success in attaining their mental health goals. 

Q: Does Hope Springs Behavioral Health offer 100% telehealth IOP?

No. Although we do offer some services via telehealth to those clients who have transportation issues, illness, or other extenuating circumstances, we believe that the IOP level of care needs to be in-person primarily to provide the most appropriate and effective treatment, and support, and success.